Tartare Taco
at Kaiji Sushi!

Kaiji Sushi, a tiny little gem far away on Jean-Talon (far for us West-Islanders that is :P), blew away all my expectations and I simply can’t wait to go back. Having discovered them on Instagram, I quickly grew anxious to pay them a visit and boy what a visit it was.

Whenever possible, I love just asking the Chef to surprise me. I find my culinary adventure so much more fulfilling that way. And with such a talented Itamae behind the sushi-bar, I knew that that way, would be the right way to experience Kaiji.

Everything I tried and I do mean EVERYTHING, was delicious. But two of these dishes stood out to me as must-haves and must-eat-over-and-over-and-over-again picks: The “Taco Sushi” and the “Feuilles de Tartares”. The Taco was especially original, and as most of you know, In Many Bites is about the search for originality. It’s not everyday you get a bottle of Tabasco sauce brought to your table at a sushi joint. Though, I will admit one tiny thing…I classily picked off the hot pepper on top, as it would have likely made me cry, and I’m not ashamed to admit that! Oh and the Rainbow roll was better than any other rainbow roll I’ve had. Simply because it was jam PACKED with all the right filling…without all that excess rice!

Below are some picture of my delicious lunch. I highly recommend checking this place out. AND it’s BYOW… What more could you ask for?? http://www.kaijisushi.com/

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In Many (sushi)Bites – Out