We’re Flyjin…
I wanna Flyjin
wit you

You’ll be singing too, after your meal at Flyjin. New to the Vieux Montreal, as we say here in the MTL, Flyjin is an izakaya inspired restaurant that will have you saying MMMM MMMM MMMM all night long.

With every bite, it becomes evident that Chef James Yoon is a master at developing flavours that are beyond this world. The Sogalbi (Korean style braised short rib) is fall-off-the-bone perfection, the Gindara misozuke (Miso black cod) will give your taste buds something sweet to talk about and the Binnaga Maguro Tataki (Albacore tuna tataki, Montreal steak spices, seasonal veggies) is so tasty, I order it every time I go.

What’s more? 1$ oysters on Wednesday nights!!! What more could we ask for?

So do yourself a flavour…uh…favour and plan your next food adventure at Flyjin: you won’t be disappointed!