Don Don Izakaya

After a road trip to the T dot O to see the Pandas at the Zoo, we made our way downtown Toronto for some delicious Japanese food: my fav!

Besides having a super fun name to pronounce, Don Don Izakaya was a truly exciting and different experience for me. My first time in an Izakaya: a Japanese bar of sorts that allows you to forget your daily woes by enjoying some yummy food and tasty beverages in good company! What a great atmosphere: from the sound of the drums and welcome “Irasshaimase!” every time new guests enter, to the laughter and excitement of people across the bar doing sake bombs!

And the food… well the food is delicious! The menu is VERY extensive so it’s a great opportunity to order as many dishes as your body and budget allows and share them family-style.

So if you find yourself in Toronto or happen to live there (so sorry 😉 ), try this place out and let us know what you think.
I can’t wait to go back and next time, I definitely want to try a sake bomb!